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Raspberry Pi P5 Header (Engelse Tekst)

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The Raspberry Pi Revision 2.0 introduced a new header to the PCB. This header is called P5 and consists of 8 pins. It is located directly underneath the standard 26 way P1 GPIO header.
It was intended that this header is populated on the underside of the PCB so any connectors or cables do not interfere with the P1 header. Pin 1 has a square pad whereas the other 7 have circular pads.
The P5 pins provide :
  • +5V, 3V3 and Ground
  • GPIO28
  • GPIO29
  • GPIO30
  • GPIO31
Here are some photos showing the location of the P5 header in relation to the 26 way P1 header :

Bijlage  p5_header_top.png   381,67K   1 downloads
P5 Header (Topside)

Bijlage  p5_header_bottom.png   415,3K   1 downloads
P5 Header (Underside)

Here is the pin-out of the P5 header where the square pad is always Pin 1 and Pin 8 is always in the opposite corner :
  • +5V

  • +3V3

  • GPIO28

  • GPIO29

  • GPIO30

  • GPIO31

  • Ground

  • Ground
Bijlage  Raspberry-Pi-GPIO-Layout-P5-Underside.png   44,58K   1 downloads
Bijlage  Raspberry-Pi-GPIO-Layout-P5-Topside-236x300.png   39,28K   2 downloads
When viewing the underside of the board the layout is mirrored but Pin 1 is still marked with a square pad and Pin 8 is always in the opposite corner.
This header is unpopulated to use it you need to solder your own pin header to the board. T
he intention is that you would solder a pin header to the underside of the board to avoid getting in the way of P1 and the other headers on the topside.
This is why P5 is labelled on the underside of the PCB but how you solder bits to the board is ultimately your decision based on your requirements.

Bijlage  2x4-8-Way-Pin-Header.jpg   7,96K   0 downloads
The photo is a photo of the header you need to solder to the PCB. It is a 0.1 inch pitch, 2×4 Pin Header. It may also be described as “8 way” rather than “2×4?. These cost less than £1/$1.

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